Jun 6, 2011

Simple Little Kitchen...

This whole blog home tour has been interesting, in a fun way (check out our girls' room & living area too!). I didn't realize how weird it would be to share every inch of our home with the world (or the few people that actually read this), but it's been quite motivating to get all those projects going that I've been procrastinating about. Next up is the kitchen. It's very standard, not updated with fancy appliances or granite counters, but it's quite functional and lends itself perfectly to cooking with my girls.

Our kitchen is never, I mean NEVER, this empty. I had just returned from camping with my family when Kristin said she would take some pictures of the house. I literally moved camping gear and dirty laundry from one spot to another so she could snap some photos while our girls played in the other room. Below is the view of the kitchen when you enter the house and look left. There are usually step stools and snacks sprinkled all over but here's what it looks like on a clean day.

The baskets hanging from the cabinets are actually baskets like these but we snapped off the hook part that would slide on the shelf and attached them to the under side of the cabinets for added storage.  I'd love to find some cool metal or wood ones someday.

Since we had just gotten home from camping things were pretty sparse in my kitchen, but usually these baskets are full of different fruits, veggies, potatoes, and onions.

Can you see the wooden spoon with the black and white handle in the utensil basket below? My brother-in-law gave that to me when he returned home from Kenya a couple of years ago... needless to say I was kinda surprised when I saw them at Anthropologie recently. Gotta love a brother-in-law with good taste!

I keep my pot holders hanging right next to the stove. Below them are my olive oil, pepper, and 2 types of salt in the small ceramic container; gray salt & kosher flake salt (I also like to cook quite a bit and I love good quality salt!).

My flour, sugar, and corn meal are kept handy in large glass jars with metal scoops in them. The two larger ones I got at Walmart and the smaller one with the cornmeal is from Ikea.

This is the little area to the right of my sink. I store my kitchen towels and dish soap in the basket. Above that on the wall is a rack I got from Ikea a couple of years back. It houses my kitchen scissors, recipe cards, matches, and any other little items that need a home. We don't have a junk drawer in this kitchen so this helps with keeping all the random things organized.

I've got a big cabinet getting redone in my garage, it will go on the right side of the kitchen next to the fridge in that open space. It's another good revamp I'm excited to share, but it will probably take me another week or two to finish and get the hardware I ordered for it.

I just found the ugly "before" pictures of the dining buffet. I'll put that up very soon.


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