Aug 18, 2011


It seems like it's been forever since I posted something on here. I've been so busy doing lots of fun things, I just can't seem to find the time to actually sit down and blog about them.

The other day I helped a friend paint her room gray (more on that soon). I loved looking at those gray walls so much I needed to paint something in my house a similar color asap! So I ran to Home Depot the next morning and got to work.

I've been wanting to repaint the buffet in our dining room for quite some time. I originally thought I would paint it yellow, but now that I'm toying with the idea of moving the yellow rug from my office into the living room, painting the buffet yellow as well would be overkill.

Here is the buffet before. It looks just fine, especially considering the state it was in when I found it.

I grabbed a few supplies from Home Depot. I wanted to keep the project as cheap as possible so instead of spending about $15 on a quart of Behr paint and primer, I decided to buy two 7oz samples; which set me back about $6. It ended up being plenty of paint to do this small project, and I still have about 1/2 jar left over!

First thing I did was clear out the buffet (which mainly stores cook books), and wipe it down.

Then I put down a drop cloth (I use an old table cloth), and propped  up the buffet on four cans of old paint. Best part of all... I only needed one coat of paint, and the whole thing took about an hour to finish.

Here it is, along with all the new picture frames I just put up that still need... uh, pictures!

I'm really liking it against the wall with all the frames, and the change of color helped break up all the white and beige going on in my living room.

Buffet- Found with a "free" sign on it while driving through a neighborhood.
2 Behr Premium paint samples- $6.00
New roller & sponge brush- $2.00
Small Paint tray- $2.00
Drop cloth, screwdriver, roller- already owned

Total- $10