Jun 13, 2011

Best Gift Ever

When it came time to figure out what we would do with our third, and quite tiny bedroom, we tossed around ideas like using it as an office, playroom, library, or school room. But when it came down to it my hubby insisted that I use it for a workroom for all my business and crafty things going on. I was most excited about the idea of freeing up some space in the garage that's filled with my props and crafty things.  I'm also looking forward to not using my dining table for whatever project I have in the works.

I've just barely started working on this room. I basically grabbed whatever I could from the garage and threw it in here. The only thing that will actually stay when all is said and done are the white cubbies (more on those later), the crate hanging on the wall above the cubbies, and the rug.

The room has quite a way to go, and it needs some major organizing, but I've already enjoyed it so much. I bought that painting at a thrift store for $6 and hung it on a nail already in the wall. I'll find a better home for it in time. The pile of white frames are a few of the ones that will be on the wall of frames I mentioned in this post.

Below are a couple of shelves we made out of old crates. I got the idea over here. They're cluttered with random items that needed a place to sit... they're not staying either, too big for the space.

Now for the part of the room I love, love, love! I think my favorite thing is seeing all my little trinkets and knickknacks all tucked away in cozy cubbies just waiting to be used. The down side... they really don't hold much stuff, not for what I need anyway. They're staying. I'll just have to figure out another way to store all my stuff. The cubbies have a little history of their own and got a mini-makeover, but I'll post that another day.

 Well, if you can ignore the clutter on the floor that needs a home, messy desk, and random stuff on the walls, I really think you can see the potential. No?  Well, just keep checking and hopefully I can pull it together!


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