Jun 10, 2011

Bathrooms And Other Stuff

We're nearing the end of this home tour, well, sorta. I'm still going to show you my workroom and our master bedroom. But first I need to finish putting away the huge pile of laundry in there so I can actually take pictures of it.

Up next are our bathrooms and hall. Our house has 3 smallish bedrooms, and 1 3/4 baths. Our girls have claimed the 3/4 bathroom as "their bathroom" (even though they bathe in ours). They will walk across the entire house at 2 am to use their bathroom instead of using our bathroom which is right outside their bedroom door. I think it's cute. Kids love having places just for them.

There isn't much going on in this little bath. The sink area got cut off due to how small this bathroom is to photograph but you're not missing anything, it's pretty standard. The shower curtain is an old curtain panel I hung with a tension rod. This shower is never used so I wasn't worried about having a shower curtain that would need to hold up to moisture. The towels are from Target and Gracie added the little birds nest and lace doily on the toilet; I liked it so much I kept it there.

I made the garland above the window out of old lace, fabric scraps, cupcake liners, and whatever else I had lying around that was similar in color.

I just went and snapped a photo (with my iphone... new camera came today, but I don't know how to work it yet) of the inside of the little bathroom cabinet to show you all.. baskets of washcloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste, stacked hand towels on top shelf, and little knickknacks added in to make the girls smile. Can you see my little brass quails below? I love 'em. I've been oddly drawn to brass animals lately!

Now on to the main bathroom... 

I love using pretty jars and containers for useful storage. The amber colored glass jar was $2 at a garage sale; I use it to store q-tips. I found the glass bottle with bird cork at Michael's for a few bucks and the other glass container with the pretty floral design on the top was a gift from a friend, and it holds some of my jewelry.

I had been searching and searching for a wire 3-tier basket for quite some time. They were always too expensive or too small. Then I stumbled upon this one at Marshalls for about $20 so it needed to come home with me! It holds extra toilet paper and bath toys.

Above the toilet is a shelf that holds old Mason jars full of cotton balls and makeup sponges.  There is also a tin bucket (from the $1 section at Target) full of washcloths.

Here is our tiny, not-terribly-exciting-but-I-love-it, hall. There's a giant canvas that I covered in fabric. I used thumbtacks to attach pictures of our daughters or recent artwork they've done. At Christmas time, the fabric changes, artwork comes off, and Christmas cards are hung on it.

There you have it! I better go do some laundry now or you all will never get to see my bedroom.


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