Jun 29, 2011

The Most Practical White Dining Chairs

You never know what will be the most popular questions when you start a blog. I think I've been most surprised by how many times I've been asked about the white chairs we have in our dining room... 

"Are they hard to keep clean?"

"Do your kids eat at the table?"

"White chairs... with kids??"

Now here's the crazy thing... I find them more practical than the black wooden chairs we have. Seriously! They totally get dirty, like really dirty, but I just pull the covers off and wash them. They come out perfectly white every time. Our black chairs get grimy and I really have to scrub to get them clean. 

Here is what our chairs looked like yesterday before I took them off to wash them. Gross, but not as bad as I've seen them.

Here they are all squeaky clean! I usually take them out of the dryer when they are half dry and put them on the chairs to dry the rest of the way (that way they don't get as wrinkled), but since we had friends coming over I let them dry all the way.

And what will I do if we get some major stain on them that I'm unable to get out with good ol' bleach or Oxy Clean (my fav!)?? I'll buy a new cover. The white ones on my chairs are only 10 bucks each at Ikea!

Now if only my couch was this easy to keep clean...


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