Jun 30, 2011

Little Switch A Roo

Hi All! I wanted to quickly share a little project we worked on the other day. We were inspired by the black drawer pulls on the recently refurbished cabinet in our kitchen. There are plenty of things we would LOVE to do to this kitchen if we owned this house, but in the meantime we'll make simple cosmetic changes that make it feel more "us".

Here is our kitchen before. The hardware is silver and a bit more modern looking than I usually pick.

And here's our kitchen after we switched out the hardware for some inexpensive black knobs and handles.

*Disclaimer: I'm still getting to know all the settings on my camera, but at least these aren't phone pictures anymore!

Here is a close up so you can really see them. I definitely think it flows better with the style in the rest of the house.

I couldn't resist posting this picture. I asked Ruby to move out of the way because she was in the picture, so she laid on the ground thinking she wouldn't be in the picture anymore. Nice try!

I was hired to do a birthday party over the weekend. I just loved how it turned out! I'll share pictures, and a few diy projects I did for the party soon!


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