Feb 23, 2011


Leave it to Anthropologie to start selling the most amazing wedding gowns and bridal stuff. These dresses are just beautiful and so unique. I also hear BHLDN will be coming out with a whole bunch of other wedding related items like decorations and favors. Here are a few of my favorite.

The large black bow and tiered bottom are perfect

Simple and sweet

A 70's feel but still so modern and unique

I really love the lines of this gown

This one is just fun...

...And the back is adorable!

Feb 16, 2011

Grammy Awards Gifting Suite

When Suite 106 Cupcakery was asked to participate in a Grammy Awards gifting suite, they asked me if I would come along and design their dessert table. With less then 2 days to pull it all together, I think it turned out pretty well! It was a fun experience and I'm glad I had the chance to do it. Here are a few photos of the table set up. I'm hoping to get more photos from the PR company, but here are a few pictures Olya (good friend and my assistant for the event) and I were able to get.

Suite 106 Cupcakery was in this months issue of Essence Magazine so they brought along a version of the featured cupcake (strawberry shortcake) for guests to try, along with Christy's Southern Red Velvet, Dulce De Leche, Chocolate Praline, and several flavors of cupcake lollipops... Words don't do these cupcakes justice, they really are quite amazing.

Jacqueline of Floral Design By Jacqueline Ahne stepped in last minute as well and made me 2 of the most beautiful floral arrangements for the table! Thank you Jacqueline!! I highly recommend her, she's fantastic with taking an idea and pulling it all together.

A HUGE thank you to Olya! Olya, you are such a hard worker and so much help and even though I almost cut your finger off and nearly had us stranded on the side of the freeway, I hope you'll help me again one day. You're the best!

Little High Little Low Cast Photo Shoot

When I was asked to be the set designer for the photo shoot of the cast of Little High, Little low I had big ideas for a set, with gates and all kinds of props... BUT, sometimes that's just not the way to go. The more the photographer of the shoot (Kristin Rogers) and I discussed the importance of a close knit feel needed in the pictures, the more I came to realize that the last thing this photo shoot really needed was props. The actors were going to be what made this shoot feel the way it needed to (along with some help with directing poses, I may or may not have hugged Kristin several times to give them the idea of what we were going for!). I was actually so thankful for this opportunity, and even though the "set" is not what stands out that's what made it so perfect. I hope you all enjoy these and keep and eye out for this sweet independent film scheduled to shoot in New Orleans.

The cast (from upper left): Katie Kocis, Danny Dehert, Doree Seay, Rodrigo Nicolau, Zak Gumpel, Tiffany McFadden (Writer), Monti Washington, Gisele Gauthier

It was fun spending the day with you all!

Photography- Jonathan & Kristin Rogers, Kristin Rogers Photography
Set & such- Me!

LHLL Facebook- Here

Special thank you to my sweet husband for helping me with moving the props and couch all around the field for me and making me a tree swing last minute cause I just had to have it in the photos- love you!!

Photo Shoot {Featured}

One of the photo shoots I did the set design for was featured on Inspired By This, you can check it out here.

Feb 2, 2011

LHLL Movie Photo Shoot {Preview}

Here is a little behind the scenes picture of the photo shoot from Saturday with the cast of Little High, Little Low. This a fun group of people, can't wait to see the the photos.