Feb 16, 2011

Little High Little Low Cast Photo Shoot

When I was asked to be the set designer for the photo shoot of the cast of Little High, Little low I had big ideas for a set, with gates and all kinds of props... BUT, sometimes that's just not the way to go. The more the photographer of the shoot (Kristin Rogers) and I discussed the importance of a close knit feel needed in the pictures, the more I came to realize that the last thing this photo shoot really needed was props. The actors were going to be what made this shoot feel the way it needed to (along with some help with directing poses, I may or may not have hugged Kristin several times to give them the idea of what we were going for!). I was actually so thankful for this opportunity, and even though the "set" is not what stands out that's what made it so perfect. I hope you all enjoy these and keep and eye out for this sweet independent film scheduled to shoot in New Orleans.

The cast (from upper left): Katie Kocis, Danny Dehert, Doree Seay, Rodrigo Nicolau, Zak Gumpel, Tiffany McFadden (Writer), Monti Washington, Gisele Gauthier

It was fun spending the day with you all!

Photography- Jonathan & Kristin Rogers, Kristin Rogers Photography
Set & such- Me!

LHLL Facebook- Here

Special thank you to my sweet husband for helping me with moving the props and couch all around the field for me and making me a tree swing last minute cause I just had to have it in the photos- love you!!


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