Jun 7, 2011

Dining Buffet Gone Bad {Refurbished}

I mentioned over here that I would show you all some pictures of the dining buffet we found on the side of the road for free. About two years ago when we found this gem I had no idea I would be blogging about it one day; hence the odd before photos. I knew that under the funky paint and murals there was something worth fixing.

Originally the pieces had green and gold crackle paint on the sides and top, and 3 doors painted with various food related images on them. Here is a picture with the top already painted. The inside of the piece was a subtle beige color, which I appreciated because subtle color = less coats of paint = less work for me!

If you can't see that unique green/gold paint above, here is a
 close-up of what it looked like. It was bad.

The piece originally had 3 doors on it. I chose to take the two outer doors off to make way for some baskets. I left the middle one on to store my cookbooks and junk I don't want people to see.

Once all the paint dried, I roughed up the edges and top a bit so it didn't look so perfectly painted. And there you have it! I definitely think it was worth $30 in paint and supplies and a few hours of labor. 

 P.S. Ignore the yellow paint test strip on top, it's about to get another update.


  1. Oh the horror of crackle paint! I remember my Mom and I would get crafty, well I'd sort of just watch, my Mom was ultra crafty with this stuff, and we crackle painted, faux marbled, faux granite-d just about everything...LOL. Oh 90s!

    The makeover looks wonderful though, you did a fantastic job of giving this piece of furniture new life!


  2. Brianne- The before is frightful! You did an amazing job.