May 31, 2011

Special Little Touches {Fun Ideas}

I shared a peek into my daughters' room recently and I wanted to share one of the special little details I added to the room. When I stumbled across their dresser at a garage sale the family was hesitant to sell it because they had recently found it in the attic of their grandmother's house after she passed away.  I assured them it was going to be well loved and they sold it to me for only $30!  The dresser has great details like key hole locks that actually work and Knapp joints; I added the cream ceramic knobs since the original ones weren't looking so good.

I wiped down the drawers but they still didn't look quite clean enough. I figured the easiest solution would be to line each drawer.  I didn't want to line the drawers with regular ol' paper shelf liner. No, this dresser was too special for that. It deserved a unique touch.  I decided to use fabric to line the drawers.  I simply removed the small nail holding the bottom of the drawer in place. Then I pulled out the wooden bottom and used some fabric I already had in my stash to wrap over the edges and secured it with a few staples on the under side. Next, I slipped the piece of wood back into the bottom of the drawer and nailed it down. This only took 20 minutes total and it's so fun to see when I open the drawers!

I always find that the simplest of things can add so much!

P.S. The chalkboards I used on the girls' baskets are actually wood cutouts painted with chalkboard paint. We drilled small holes in the top and strung lace ribbon through the holes onto the basket.


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