May 27, 2011

Good Finds

Yes, I'm doing a blog post with iphone pictures.  But, iphone pictures are better then no pictures at all... hopefully!

I never used to go to the thrift store or estate sales, I always thought "I don't have time to hunt for the 1 good thing in the shop", or "I'll never find stuff like my friends do, they're just way better at finding that 1 great gem in the shop".  I was crazy.  I am such a bargain shopper at heart and love, love, love a good deal so it's not surprising that I've got bitten by the thrift store bug.  I mainly look for things to use around my house, furniture and props for photo shoots, and uniques items of clothing for my girls. 

I always find it fun when people post their great deals and finds so I thought I would share a few of my recent deals. And because I'm nosey and always wonder what others spend on their goods I'll try and list the prices as best as I can remember.

Below, from a thrift shop Kristin took me to (it's one of the best!): large woven basket $3, darling white table cloth with crochet trim $3, blue flower pillow case for my girls room $1, chip-y blue small basket $1, metal and wood basket (I like baskets , you'll notice as I start to show pictures of my home on here)$1, wood crate $3, vintage pyrex $10, small mason jars $2, candle sticks that need some painting $1 each, large tin canister $6 (it's really cool in person and totally worth 6 bucks!), small poppy tin $1 or $2.

Below are pictures from an estate sale I went to recently.
Clockwise: Cream crochet table cloth $5 each- I got 3 cause they were so pretty, large blue tablecloth/blanket $2, 2 white pillowcases with crochet trim $1 each, the most wonderful yellow crocheted yellow throw $3

Giant metal pale $5, big old jar $1, vintage ledger $1 (I dream of giving this to someone dear to me to use as a guest book for their wedding), small glass jelly jars $10 for a box full of 50 jelly jars and vintage drinking glasses, same blue blanket as above.

Wooden ladder $10, I actually think it was closer to $5 but I can't really remember, I would have paid far more then that either way!

Old 2 sided puzzle $3.

*Disclaimer: Not all thrift store are good, some just sell old clothes and broken toys, BUT when you find a good one that sells neat vintage furniture and trinkets then they can be amazing.  There are a lot out there so keep looking!  I just happen to have 3 favorite shops within about 10 mins of my home!

So, something new and different on here, I hope you all enjoyed it.  Up next, a peek into our home (this will be fun)!


  1. I have that same olive green/white vintage pyrex covered dish as in the first picture! :) Great thrift stores around here ever have good stuff (only the antique stores, where everything costs an arm & a leg).

  2. @Heather Molina | Bows-n-BerriesI know what you mean, Corona needs someone to open up an amazing (and affordable) thrift/antique store.