May 19, 2011

Simple, Back Yard Baby Shower

My friend, Shannon, is pregnant with her first little girl (she already has two boys). So when her sister asked if I would do a few decoration type things for the shower I was happy to help.  Truth is they treated me by saying they were going to buy "Corny baby shower decor to make you gag" if I didn't do it, so really I had no choice. :)

It really was just a simple, small group of friends and family getting together so I didn't do much.  We threw up some tissue paper pom poms that I tied to torn strips of fabric to make a garland.  We also hung some large pom poms in the trees and made the food table nice and pretty.

We kept everything very casual and easy.  Pink utensils and napkins tied with strips of fabric then placed in a tin bucket. 

The food was all made by my friend, Amy.  It was delicious, colorful, and perfect for our little gathering.  The fruit kabobs are stacked on a large cake stand and the pasta salad was served in tiny, vintage, jelly jars (you could also use small mason jars like these).

For dessert they had a sundae bar with lots of toppings. Yum!!

I take back all (or at least most) of the mean things I've said about diaper cakes in the past, cause this was a very cute diaper cake indeed that my friend Miya made!!

Here is a close up shot of those giant pom poms hanging in the tree.  These are the same pom poms that made an appearance in this shoot here.

Even the simplest, casual baby shower or party can have fun details that make it feel extra special!


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