Jul 9, 2011

Better Late Than Never {Gardening}

I've been busy over the last week working on my (seriously neglected) garden. I didn't mean to wait this long into the season to get things going, but it happened and I'm trying to make the best of thing.

For those of you non-gardeners out there, have no fear, until we started a garden last year I would have swore up and down that I had a black thumb. Little did I know there was a little gardener in there just waiting to get out! We originally built a garden because my daughter (5 years old at the time) really wanted one. I figured it was a great learning tool and a few fresh veggies wouldn't hurt either! But, now that I've had a garden I can't imagine going a summer without one.

Our garden in small, consisting of two beds about 4'x8' each, plus a few pots we grow stuff in if needed. Even thought our garden is small you would be amazed at the size of weeds in can grow when you take a season off from planting and don't weed it that whole time. Never again!! It was back breaking work getting this thing back in working order.

Here are a few in progress pictures. I should have taken before pictures but I didn't think of it... just imagine a lush, packed-full garden of tangled weeds, and a few strawberry plants. You get the ides.

This is after phase one and two of pulling weeds was done. In this picture we are working on pulling out the last bit of stubborn crab grass.

Gracie is a great helper, she is always near by digging out weeds... her sister on the other hand (see in the background) is usually busy finding something to climb or figuring out a way to get wet.

Here is the garden after tons of hard work. I let Gracie chose the plants this year, she picked corn, squash, tomatoes, basil, watermelon (didn't survive).

Once again, my little helper raking weeds and putting them in the trash bin... Ruby was climbing the wall behind me. Seriously.

 Our strawberries survived the weed infested garden beds. They are packed full of pretty little white flowers just waiting to turn into strawberries.

There she is! As soon as I turned the hose on to water she came running. This part she likes to help with. And yes, 5 minutes (or less) after this photo was taken she was soaking wet!

My little garden in all its glory. I know it's not much, but it keeps two little girls occupied and makes them feel like mini-farmers.

Does anyone know if my garden will still grow successfully since I waited till July to plant? Sure hope so!


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