Apr 27, 2012

Most Used {Favorites}

I always enjoying sharing things that I've tested and used in my own life that I just love. A good recommendation goes a long way with me, so hopefully you'll all enjoy these too.

1. I know Le Creuset is super well known but it is by far one of my most favorite things in my kitchen. I have the 5 1/2 qt and would recommend this size for anyones first piece. On line they sell for about $250+, but if you have a Le Creuset outlet near you then you can almost always find them there for about $150 (depending on the color)... I use this pot more than I use my microwave or toaster, seriously!

2. UGlu Dashes- This product is hard to describe but it's basically double sided tape, but more flexible, and WAY more sticky. I use these at nearly every single photo shoot or event I do. You can use them to attach signs or fabric to brick or other textured surfaces. In a pinch I tape up clothes with them. My go-to florist even uses them when making floral arrangements. The uses are endless!!

3. Vinegar- I use this vinegar for everything except cooking. I always have a bottle full of equal parts water and vinegar (sometimes with a little essential oil if I have it on hand)stashed under my kitchen sink. This is pretty much the only thing I use to clean my entire house. It leaves mirrors completely steak free, my laminate wood floors don't get any swishy marks like other cleaners leave, counters, fridge, sinks... literally everything. Most people complain about the smell, but folks it's completely orderless as soon as it dries (trust me, a quart of it spilled in my car and it smelled like a bad salad dressing until it dried). Adding a couple drops of essential oil would help with that too. And it's so so inexpensive, a $3 bottle lasts me like 6 months.

4. Timi and Leslie- This is technically a diaper bag but I no longer have kids in diapers and I am still in love with the bag! It is by far my most used purse that I own. I really love bringing it on our road trips, vacations, when I'm working, or anytime we'll be running a bunch of errands. Sometimes we wake up, I throw the girls' school books in the bag, and head to a coffee shop to do school for several hours. Plus, it fits my Mac with room to spare... And if you've ever looked for a cute, good looking lap top bag, it's not easy!!

I'd love to hear if any of you use any of these products or if you end up trying them out... let me know! 

*I wasn't perked from any of these companies, I just happen to use and love this stuff. :)

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  1. Shucks we use the Vinegar Secret also. With Two Dogs, Five pretend Master Chefs and Hard wood floors your right it's not only odorless it kills any lingering smells and any gunk build up on the floors removed with no effort.